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Thursday, October 9, 2008.

Boy's Hidden Tape Recorder Captures Abuse At Day Care (Orlando)
A tape recording of what a mother is convinced is abuse inside a Central Florida day care has prompted a Department of Children and Families investigation, Local 6 has learned.
Miranda Asura said that her 2-year-old son came home from Orange County's Brighter Beginnings day care with bruises so she sent him back with a tape recorder stashed in his backpack. Asura said audio of her son's crying and screaming is recorded proof that a teacher was beating the child.
Man is charged in abuse death of 17-month-old Hammond girl (Hammond)
Jose Mendoza was charged in the death of Savannah Fullgraf, who police said they believe he was taking care of Saturday night in the child's home in the 1200 block of Lakeview Avenue in Hammond, said Police Lt. Richard Hoyda. Hoyda said Mendoza is not the child's father, but he was described as a friend of the family who occasionally took care of the child.
Police say girl molested at daycare (Austin)
Austin police arrested a man they said inappropriately touched a 4-year-old girl at an unlicensed daycare in August.
According to the police report, Nicolas Hernandez Triana resides at the unlicensed daycare center and was at home with unsupervised access to the children on the date of the alleged incident.
Man appears before court on child abuse charges (Manitowoc)
A 23-year-old Manitowoc man faces felony child abuse charges after he was accused of hitting a 1-year-old boy while he was babysitting.
Craig Reif appeared before the Manitowoc County Circuit Court today to schedule an Oct. 16 preliminary hearing.
Man charged with severely beating toddler (Austin)
Braddick Lee Victorian, 22, is accused of beating his nephew so hard that the child received red marks and bruises to his head, face, legs, back, genitals and buttocks, according to affidavits made public Monday.
Victorian was babysitting the toddler for his sister, who had to work.


Blogger gamom3 said...

Completely decieved by nanny of 2 weeks, who declared to be healthy, after hire, confessed drawing full disability and wanting us to pay her full time also.

Also, today, weekly cleaning agency reported her verbally/emiotionally abusing our 4 year old in their presence. ds

SHIRLEY HEWITT, Lithonia GA - Please avoid any employment of her or any other contact with your children.

10:31 PM  

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