childcare gone wrong

Childcare Gone Wrong-Cautionary Tales

What if you are the victim of a home invasion?

If you are a victim of a home invasion robbery remember the following:

STAY calm.

COOPERATE. No amount of cash or property is worth getting hurt over.

DON'T fight back unless you determine that you are in danger of being killed. Instead, concentrate on getting information so you can be an effective witness.

LOOK carefully at the intruders, even if they are masked. Is there something unique about them such as scars, tattoos, large nose? What are they wearing? Listen to everything they say, and how they say it. Catch any distinguishing odors such as tobacco, alcohol, or aftershave.
Yet, NEVER look the intruder (s) directly in the eyes. By doing so they may feel you will be able to identify them, thus placing your life in danger.

Personal home safety means taking charge of your security at home and in the community. Involve your whole family in creating a personal home safety plan that fits your family needs. Get to know your neighbors and work with them to keep your neighborhood safe.

To protect yourself from becoming a home invasion robbery victim, try the following:

*Make sure that the exterior of your home is well lit, and that there are not any large trees or brush that block the view of your front door from the street.
*Make sure that all exterior doors and windows are locked and secure.
*If there is a door that leads from your garage directly into the house, make sure that it is locked and secured.
*If you have a burglar alarm, be sure that you have it armed.
*Do not keep large amounts of cash in your home.